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Well, there was big news from Anaheim last night. The Anaheim city council has officially given final approval for the project DisneylandForward. This means that a brand new era of the Disneyland Resort is upon us! With updated land use approvals through DisneylandForward, the Resort can build new entertainment experiences, create thousands of new jobs, and bring new revenue streams to Anaheim.

With this next chapter in the legacy of Disneyland Resort they are ready to build on decades of innovation, creativity, and storytelling to bring new, exciting experiences for Guests. The possibilities are boundless.

What Is DisneylandForward?

DisneylandForward is a multiyear public planning effort to update Disneyland Resort’s existing development approvals. It will allow Disney to meaningfully invest in Anaheim for decades to come and meet the future demands in entertainment. It means that new attractions, shops and restaurants can be built within areas of the resort that Disney already owns and operates

Park attractions would be built alongside hotels on the west side of Disneyland Drive, along with buildings, shopping, dining and entertainment where the Toy Story Parking Area at Katella Avenue and Harbor Boulevard stands today.

DisneylandForward will bring over 4,500 operational jobs to Disneyland Resort. It’s also expected to bring nearly 9,000 construction jobs within the first 10 years. It may potentially generate up to $30 million in new annual revenues for the city of Anaheim. This project is slated to have a positive impact for generations, It’s goal is boosting local businesses and enhancing benefits for residents as it will draw in tourists from around the world.

The Walt Disney Company has worked closely with city staff, neighbors, and the local community over the past three years to make sure DisneylandForward is a win for everyone.

Disney will be investing at least $1.9 billion in the resort in the first 10 years. Cal State Fullerton’s economic impact study projects increased revenues of about $15 million annually for Anaheim from each $1 billion invested. This will help fund necessary community services, including additional fire and police, parks, and libraries.

Disney is also wanting to have benefits for residents. This includes $30 million for affordable housing, $8 million for parks, $85 million in traffic improvements and pedestrian safety, and continued investment in workforce development programs.

What’s in Store for the Disneyland Resort?

Well, that’s still a bit of a mystery. One section that’s highly likely is one that features Avatar-inspired adventures.

Final Thoughts

It’s exciting to see that we’re in a brand new era for the Walt Disney Company, both on the East Coast, as well as now on the West Coast. These kinds of investments are definitely necessary to keep growing. Making both of these resorts fresh and new and to help entice people to visit from across the globe. For example, right now, Disney is touting the new Fantasy Springs at their Tokyo Disneyland Resort. After seeing everything coming from there, I know now, more than ever that I HAVE to get out to Tokyo to see these parks and the new additions. So, see, these capital investments work. They drive Guests to the parks and therefore increase revenues. This, of course, is Disney’s goal with any updates like these.

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