We strive for transparency and objectivity, among other things, in the content of our blog. Transparency and objectivity are the reason this page exists. That, and because the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising requires us to have this page.


Websites are expensive. You wouldn’t think so, but running a media empire isn’t a cheap thing to do. In order to pay for the operational costs of this website and a portion of various expenses, we use ads and affiliate programs.

As a content site, we develop marketing relationships with reputable merchants by placing their advertisements such as text links, graphic buttons and banner ads on websites owned by ADisneyWorldAfterAll.com. This is referred as affiliate marketing. affiliate marketing helps support ADisneyWorldAfterAll.com by providing the resource needed for contests and daily operations of the site. Some of the affiliate links are referral links that track the source of the purchase back to ADisneyWorldAfterAll.com, and when you purchase from these affiliates, you are helping to support ADisneyWorldAfterAll.com. Other affiliate links provide a small commission when you click through to the advertising site. These affiliates do not increase the price you pay and ADisneyWorldAfterAll.com have negotiated with many of our affiliates to offer a discount to our readers.

We only provide links to merchant sites that

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We are not responsible for their advertisements, products, and services since we have no control over them. But we do take some time to examine their offers before placing their links on all websites owned by ADisneyWorldAfterAll.com. This is to ensure that the merchants that you deal with are reliable and trustworthy. We will not affiliate with any companies whom we will have any hesitation to doing business with ourselves.

In case you have a problem with one of our merchants, please inform us here. We will re-assess our affiliation with the merchant concerned. If the quality, price or reliability of the company is no longer acceptable, we will not hesitate to remove the company from our affiliate list.

You are not obligated in any way to buy from the merchants that have affiliation with us. We only provide the links for your convenience and for us to keep all websites owned by ADisneyWorldAfterAll.com running.

Review Policy

As for our Disney vacations, we pay for the vast majority of the experiences you read about here and spend a decent amount of money on operational expenses of this website. Yes, we travel frequently, but almost all of the costs associated with such travel are paid for by us. We spend an obscene amount of our own money at Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and the international Disney Parks each year.

Media Events: On very rare occasions, we’re invited to media events that aren’t available to the general public; FTC guidelines are murky surrounding these events, but any post we write that comments on and reviews experiences had at a media event will be clearly indicated that the experience was a media event. It is not uncommon for media attendees to receive various perks and benefits (for free) at these events that are unavailable (or available at a cost) to the general public. When we are writing about our experience at such an event, we’ll disclose what was comped to us.

If we’re simply sharing photos taken at a media event that could have been taken on any ordinary day, we will generally not make such a disclosure. In addition, these types of disclosures don’t seem to be required under FTC guidelines.

Reviews: As is the case with virtually every site on the internet, we have received in the past review copies of movies, games, and books. Any of these products that are reviewed here were provided to us for free will be shared.

At various times we may review other things or experiences on the blog, if the product, service, or experience was provided to us complimentary, we will disclose such in the text of the article. If we don’t mention who paid for it, we did.

Much more frequently, we pay out of pocket for our rooms, usually booking discounts at Walt Disney World for Annual Passholders or Florida residents.

Media Rates: Hotels and other travel destinations and experiences sometimes offer discounts to bloggers. Occasionally, we receive these discounts. When we do receive these discounts, we are under no obligation to report the experience favorably that we received at a discounted rate.

Additional Details

Regardless of who is “footing the bill” for something we write about here, we will always call things as we see them as we see them. We strive to remain 100% objective. We plan to continue calling things as we see them as long as this site is in existence. I want you to trust me and so if something stinks, I want you to know!

Finally, ADisneyWorldAfterAll.com is not an official site of The Walt Disney Company nor is it associated with TWDC in any way. Content on this site is all ©Rikki Niblett/A Disney World After All, unless otherwise noted. Feel free to link to the site and/or its photos, or to use any of the photos for non-commercial uses.