Setting Sail for Sweet Dreams: A Sneak Peek at Jumbeaux’s Sweets on the Disney Treasure

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Jumbeaux's Sweets

Disney Cruise Line is setting sail for a new adventure, and this time, it’s all about dessert! Announced last year, Jumbeaux’s Sweets is a whimsical new treat shop coming to the Disney Treasure, and it promises to be a sugar-coated paradise for guests of all ages.

But how does a dream transform into a delicious reality?

Jumbeaux’s Sweets draws inspiration from the award-winning film “Zootopia,” transporting guests to the bustling animal metropolis through a delightful combination of design and detail. Every element, from the bubblegum pink-striped wallpaper to the vintage-style light fixtures, has been meticulously chosen by Disney Imagineers to create a truly immersive experience.

Jumbeaux's Sweets

But the centerpiece of this sweet shop isn’t just candy! Incredible statues featuring the unlikely crime-solving duo, Officer Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde, will be the heart and soul of Jumbeaux’s Sweets.

The creation of this statue began with a simple sketch, a collaboration between Imagineers and the Walt Disney Animation team. Together, they brought Judy and Nick to life in a digital model, ensuring every detail was captured perfectly. From there, the precise measurements were used to cast the statue in bronze, before being meticulously hand-painted and finally finding its forever home on the Disney Treasure.

So, get ready to set sail for a world of delicious treats and unforgettable memories aboard the Disney Treasure!

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